It’s Not Organic Meat if the Animal Eats GMO Poison Feed.

The most expensive meat you can buy in whole foods is the grass fed beef, but they say they can not guarantee organic gmo free due to the fact they are eating different grasses and they can’t say for sure if they ate gmo pesticide and herbicides containing grass.

I also asked about the poultry and they stated the same this that they could not guarantee the meat was gmo free 100%.

I saw that the kosher meats were one of the most expensive on the shelf. I read the packaging and it stated Free on Anti-biotics, Pasture Raised, Orthodox Union Approved, But No where did it say No GMO feed. I attempted to call the company that make the chicken in Pennsylvania, and they told me they would have to transfer me to a department that handles these type questions. I left a message and never heard back from them. I also attempted to call the Orthodox Union but they also had a special voice mail to send me to leave a message, and they did not call me back either.

I come to the realization that the government who allowed all these gmo to take over our entire country does not care about this giant science experiment gone wrong. The government is just another business that will approve you can eat poisons as long as they are getting paid off.

This country is all about getting paid today and forget about the consequences tomorrow. From the FDA, EPA, USDA, OU, to all corporate executives that have sold out your children’s future for a few dollars more.

If 95% of all corn feed in America is GMO that what are your Chickens, Cows, & Pigs eating?

Wake Up And Fight Against GMOs Now.

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