Pesticides & Chemicals

Many people are eating food covered in pesticides and don't even know it. See what the government allows to be put inside your wheat, rice, cereals, grains, fruits, & vegetables.

Artificial Fertilizers

Lawn care products that contain synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides not only put your family and pets at risk when inhaled but also sink down below going into our water supply.

Toxic Free Solutions

Natural alternatives to chemical based consumer products. Learn how to avoid foods which contain many hidden harmful ingredients. Learn which everyday products are toxic and how to avoid them.

The Book of Healthy Life

Guide to a healthy lifestyle in a world full of pesticides, fertilizers, and harmful chemicals finding its way into our food and water supply.  I suffered for over 20 years from large growths along my spine. I was tested for cancer and it came back benign, but it still returned again and again in droves. Pushing on my spine causing immobilizing pain. I had multiple doctors attempt to diagnosis me with no cure or solution found. They kept referring me to another specialist first cancer then skin specialist then gastrointestinal. This was going nowhere with a lot of time and money being spend on doctors for nothing. After 20 years I have finally found the cure to my health condition.

I have learned that my body can not process certain foods. I was not born with this but it developed when I was about 20 years old. The cause is not a food allergy but a reaction to the harmful toxins being sprayed over the crops we eat on a daily basis. My body could not take the chemicals any longer and instead of processing certain chemical laced foods like it had before, I started to develop these large growths under my skin along my spine and under my arm. Finally 20 years later I began to eat organic foods and stopped my intake of processed foods. The growths started to go down and after two weeks they had completely disappeared; as a result of not eating any food with glyphosate & pesticides found in most brand name foods.

This book will tell you all the toxins you and your family are being exposed to on a daily bases. From all thing made with chemicals from overseas factories. To the top foods banned in other countries but allowed in the Unites States. Lists of top cancer causing foods and ways to avoid them through creating a non acidic environment. Harmful inhalation and contact with synthetic fragrances, such as chemically scented air fresheners, toxic dryer sheets, chemicals in our dish soap, shampoos, conditioners, and detergents. Foods to avoid containing aspartame, & artificial coloring.

The rain takes all fertilizers and chemicals people use and it runs off into the water beneath our ground feeding the aquifers and springs which supply our clean drinking water. Many people believe that the government would not allow this, but the truth is the EPA and FDA are not protecting us. We need to act now to save our children and protect our world.

Lawn and garden products; that are deadly if inhaled, using ingredients such as ethylene chloride, a nerve poison. A National Cancer Institute study found that dogs were more likely to develop lymphoma after being exposed to common herbicides.

Next Step...

Stop Consuming Glyphosate & GMOs & Begin Your Path to Living Toxic Free.